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We do the thinking. You do the moving. Reach your goals faster while having more fun with smart coaching, integrated equipment, and encouragement from your friends.


müüv bike

Ride in the convenience and comfort of your own home with the intelligent, integrated, affordable müüv bike with smart mount and LED light language.

( Coming In June )


supports thousands of products

müüv coaching integrates all your existing equipment into a seamless workout experience. Bring along any equipment you already own and find your fit with a wide variety of supported equipment from Stamina.

Why müüv works

The modern fitness paradigm fails the people it’s aiming to help because it is overwhelming, rigid, and unsustainable. The only people who can succeed in that environment are the ones who are already fitness fanatics. müüv is for people that want clarity, flexibility, and sustainability in how they move to stay healthy.

At müüv, it’s not just about exercise, it’s about moving. müüv is a scientifically-backed approach to help you move 500+ minutes per month for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Why our

We know you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, or increase your flexibility, but why do you REALLY move? What are you moving for? Here are some of our favorites…

  • For energy to slay at my job!

    Jen, 23

  • For the challenge.

    Bobby, 36

  • To enjoy guilt-free wine nights.

    Gwen, 42

  • For my grandchildren.

    Ray, 57

Who's using müüv

We’ve helped over 8 million people move over 17.9 billion minutes.

That’s 377,476 mothers, 390 aerospace engineers, 66,192 roller skaters, 294,419 fans of “Friends”, and more.

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Integrates with all your equipment.

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Check out the intelligent, integrated, affordable müüv bike.

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