the müüv thesis

what is müüv?

It’s not just about exercise, it’s about moving.
müüv is a scientifically-backed approach to help you move 500+ minutes per month for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

why müüv

The modern fitness paradigm fails the people it’s aiming to help because it is overwhelming, rigid, and unsustainable. The only people who can succeed in that environment are the ones who are already fitness fanatics. müüv is for people that want clarity and flexibility mixed with some fun for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

who created müüv?

müüv was developed by a consortium of world-class kinesiologists, behavioral psychologists, and technologists. This multifaceted team combined what they learned from their formal education, hands-on experience helping people, extensive behavioral and scientific research, and experience helping more than 8 million people on other digital platforms to conceive müüv.

what are our core beliefs?

Through these collective experiences, we came up with a list of our core beliefs. These beliefs inspired us to launch müüv, a company not focused on pseudoscience, fads, or short-term results but focused on helping people obtain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


You shouldn’t have to choose between something you want to do and working out

We believe that if you don’t have to choose between a good workout and watching TV, listening to music, messaging with friends, or even working, you’re more likely to work out. That’s why we created a Smart Audio Coaching App that works with all your favorite music, podcasts, TV, movies, messaging, and email to fit working out into your life.


Creators rule

We believe that if you are able to create your own workout experience, you’re more likely to enjoy it, finish it, and come back to build another. That’s why we have created a fun workout builder that allows you to customize your experience from what music you want to hear, to what coaching cues you want to hear, and to what mix-ins you want to move to for a truly unique workout experience.


We should meet you where you are

We believe that if you share things you know (like how you feel today, how much time you have) without stressing about the things you don’t know (like what series of exercises will strengthen your core), you’re more likely to have a great work out. That’s why we created a smart engine that instantly generates kinesiologist-optimized personalized routines based on your preferences.


Work out today to be able to work out again tomorrow

We believe that working out at the right intensity versus going as hard as you can helps you avoid fatigue and injury. That’s why our smart engine provides optimized exercises to give you a great workout today but leave you with enough for tomorrow.


Adaptive > Static

We believe that dynamic workouts that react to your feedback in real time get more results than static workouts that don’t react to you. That’s why our smart engine adapts to your feedback and biometrics in real time.


Smart > Dumb

We believe that workout programs that evolve to match your individual progress keep you constantly improving better than rigid programs that don’t. That’s why our smart engine learns from your results and automatically progresses your workouts over time.


Simple > Complex

We believe that systems that are easy to understand create better adherence. That’s why we track one simple metric - minutes moved.


Moving > Exercise

We believe that it is not just about exercise, it’s about moving. In many cultures, including the areas of the world that have the most people over 100 years of age, fitness is not separated into a different part of the day; rather, people in those areas live lifestyles that nudge them to move often and throughout the day. That’s why we created the müüv meter that tracks ALL of your minutes moved, including the minutes you move outside of the app such as hiking, playing basketball, taking your evening walk, or even gardening.


500 is the magic number

We believe that goals that are based on science, attainable, and easy to remember encourage more follow-through than ones that are fabricated, unreachable, or complex. As a result, we support the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans by the US Department of Health and Human Services, which recommend that for substantial health benefits, adults should do at least 150 minutes minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic activity (or 75 minutes a week of vigorous intensity). That’s why we set your goal as an easy-to-remember 500 minutes a month. We then work with you to balance your minutes between cardio, strength, and flexibility, as well as moderate and vigorous intensity.


Real friends help

We believe that motivation and support from a few close friends is more powerful than a thousand random followers. That’s why we created bumping - a super fun way your friends can motivate you by sending short, motivational audio clips that are integrated into your workout.


Coaching and equipment are like peanut butter and jelly - better together

We believe that integrated coaching and automatically-adjusting equipment will make for better and more enjoyable workouts. That's why we created the müüv bike, the first product in our line of müüv smart equipment, which seamlessly connects to the app to provide a truly next-generational movement experience with voice control, interactive LED lights, and dynamic coaching.


Variety is the spice of life

We believe that variety helps you make it through a workout, helps you work out more frequently, reduces the chances of injury, and increases long-term health benefits.That’s why the müüv smart audio coaching app integrates ALL your equipment into one seamless workout experience and is bundled with millions of pieces of fitness equipment from our partner, Stamina Products.