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with a smart audio coaching experience

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Support for hundreds of healthy activities from outdoor walking to indoor cycling to make moving fun

seriously fun

Real-time motivation from your coaches and friends to make moving more fun

fits into your life

Integrated music and media from your favorite media providers like iHeartRadio make it easy to work out while doing the things you love


We do the thinking. You do the moving. The müüv smart engine will personalize each workout routine to your goals, preferences, and prior performance to deliver results


müüv coaching incorporates all your existing equipment and hundreds of official Stamina pieces into one seamless workout experience

what people are saying

Shelia M.

With so many fun activities to move to like biking, hiking, and even gardening, I move more now than ever and have never felt better.

Larry C.

I love how it integrates with my bike, my step deck, and my rower - I can now use one app versus dozens.

Alex O.

My wife gives me audio bumps whenever we can’t go hiking together to keep me pumped up.

Chloe D.

I love listening to SmartLess and getting credit for these minutes while I walk!

Katie W.

I’ve got the beat - I love creating a new workout with a new playlist every day - didn’t realize how much I love moving to the Go-Go's.

it's not just about exercise…

it's about moving

müüv is a scientifically-backed approach to help you move 500+ minutes per month for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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enhance your coaching experience with

smart equipment

müüv coaching integrates all your existing equipment into a seamless workout experience. Bring along any equipment you already own and find your fit with a wide variety of supported equipment from Stamina.

müüv bike

Ride in the convenience and comfort of your own home with the intelligent, integrated, müüv bike with smart mount and LED light language.

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müüv band

Utilizes light language that rewards you, tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. Fitness instruction and motivation simplified.

Coming Fall 2021

müüv climber

This awesome cardio climber provides a smooth, quiet and low-impact cardiovascular exercise that engages every major muscle group.

Coming Early 2022

any other equipment

Bring along any equipment you already own and find your fit with a wide variety of officially supported equipment from Stamina.

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we’ve helped over 8 million people move over

17 billion


That's 377,476 mothers, 390 aerospace engineers, 66,192 roller skaters, 294,419 fans of "Friends", and more.

audio coaching optimized for your favorite media

Thousands of integrated playlists and stations plus compatibility with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+

I'm ready to move

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Integrates with all your equipment.

Meet the bike

Check out the intelligent and integrated müüv bike.

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Browse a wide variety of supported equipment from Stamina.